A mandatory survey in regions where termites are present

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> The termites survey

The termites survey

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CategoryPractical guidelines
ChapterProperty condition reports


Termites feed on cellulose. They attack wood (joists, wood flooring, framework, furniture...), textiles, and paper. The danger comes from the fact that the attack can neither be heard nor seen, which is one of the main reasons behind the extent of damages.

Depuis la Loi du 8 juin 1999, tout propriétaire qui constate la présence de termites dans son logement doit faire une déclaration en Mairie, traiter ou détruire les matériaux contaminés.

Ever since the Act of 8 June 1999, any owner who observes the presence of termites in his/her home must declare it with the Mayor's office, then treat or destroy the contaminated materials.
Depending on the areas (determined by prefectural order), the sale of a property must include a survey certifying the presence or not of parasites.
The presence of fungi and insects with wood-eating larvae is specifically sought but if there are traces, the report will refer to them.
If the survey is not attached to the official deed of sale, the seller cannot be exonerated from the warranty on hidden defects. He/she could be subject to a fine and declared lawfully responsible.



6 months

Mandatory for

According to area

Average cost

€ 150

Updated on: 08/02/2008

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