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The Carrez Act survey

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CategoryPractical guidelines
ChapterProperty condition reports

The Carrez Act

Since 18 December 1996, a Carrez Act survey must be attached to all condominium property sales. The measured surface area includes the floors with a floor-to-ceiling height of at least 1 metre 80.

The purpose of this measurement, if taken by a specialist, is to :

  • protect the seller against any future disputes due to an error in surface area calculation
  • provide the seller with a guarantee in terms of the actual surface area of the property

The owner can take the measurements him/herself but will not benefit from the guarantee in case of an error.

All types of property are concerned (apartments, single-family homes, offices, businesses) as long as they are located on condominium property (building, subdivision, etc.).

Basements, garages, lots that are neither closed nor covered are exempt from measurement.


Permanent as long as no major work modifies the surface area of the property

Mandatory for

All property types

Average cost


Updated on: 11/02/2008

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