The vendor must produce property condition reports for every property transaction

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Property condition reports

Property condition reports must be produced for every property transaction at the owner’s expense. As legal obligations get ever stricter, it’s not always easy to find your way around.

Appel Immo, for-sale-by-owner property adverts specialist, guides you through the various property condition reports and their specificities.


Statement of natural and technological risks (ERNT)
Statement of natural and technological risks (ERNT)
Mandatory since June 2006, the ERNT applies to both real estate sales and property rentals.

gas installation survey
The gas installation survey
A mandatory survey for all real estate sales involving a property the gas installation of which is over 15 years old.

The Carrez Act
The Carrez Act
A survey concerning the sales of condominium properties

unique technical survey
The unique technical survey
A survey for the rental and sale of a property

electrical wiring survey
The electrical wiring survey
A new survey scheduled to come into force as of January 2009

diagnostic - performance - energie
The energy performance certificate
A mandatory assessment for all real estate transactions as well as in the case of a rental

The termites survey
A mandatory survey in regions where termites are present

The asbestos survey
The asbestos survey is mandatory for all properties built before 1st July 1997.

 lead - survey
The lead survey
A mandatory survey, even for rentals…