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The reformed building permit

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The reformed building permit

By grouping procedures together, the building permit reform, in effect since 1st October 2007, makes the application process much easier.

Now, the urban planning department offers 3 permits (versus 11 before the reform):

  • the building permit
  • the development permit
  • the demolition permit

and one prior statement

The building permit only concerns property.
Buildings under 20 m2 are subject to a statement of work.
Buildings over 20 m2 gross overall measurement require a building permit.
All building areas exceeding 170 m2 require an architect.
The demolition permit now only covers the protection of built heritage and urban planning.

Processing period

The period is:

  • 1 month for the statements
  • 2 months for the building permit in terms of single-family homes and the demolition permit
  • 3 months for all other permits
Period of validity

It is valid for 2 years. An extension can only be requested within at least the 2 months prior to the permit’s expiry date.


The issued building permit is displayed at the Mayor’s office where the work is being done.
The person it was issued to must display an extract of his/her permit on his/her property for the duration of work.

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