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> Installing a pool

Installing a pool

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Installing a pool

In addition to pleasure and relaxation, the swimming pool will also add value to your property

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool ?

The price obviously varies according to size, shape, and features. To make your dream a reality, you’ll need an average of about € 18 000.
In addition to this construction budget, add close to € 250 every year for water, products, and electricity (average basis for a 70m3 pool).

Administrative formalities

Statement of work or building permit
In principle, a simple statement of work is enough, although certain communes have their own specific criteria as far as urban planning is concerned. Before starting work, always make a trip to the Mayor’s office for information.
If you live in a subdivision, refer to the specifications to find out what your rights and obligations are.

Inform your insurance company since building a pool usually entails extended civil liability.


The taxe d’habitation (occupancy/council tax)
Because it is considered an accessory structure, a swimming pool is subject to tax. The amount of tax depends on the commune and the type of swimming pool. If it has just been installed, the pool is temporarily exonerated for 2 years as a new construction.

Property tax
If it requires a masonry frame, the pool is subject to property tax (which is not the case of a pool made of composite material).

Safety measures

Since January 2004, all new sunken or partially sunken pools must have an NF compliant safety system installed. This disposition was extended to include pools built before the decree.
Sunken and uncovered pools, for private or collective use, must therefore imperatively be equipped with one of the following 4 safety devices :

  • protective barrier (› 110 cm)
  • alarm system
  • safety cover
  • shelter (veranda)

Any breach of these safety rules will result in a fine of up to € 45 000.

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