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> Preparing to sell your property

Preparing to sell your property

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Preparing to sell

Take the time you need to prepare yourself before showing your property. The potential buyer will ask you a certain amount of questions. Be prepared to answer accurately, showing him/her important documents will reassure him/her and perhaps convince him/her to buy your property rather than another one.

Collect all the essential information concerning your property, the seller’s record will save you lots of time and reassure the potential buyer. Think of all the important papers related to your property, then make copies of them. .

Reminder of what you need to attach :
  • Photos of the property
  • Photocopies of the work you’ve had done (invoice for the work, the warranty, etc.)
  • A plan of your property (floor plan, area, orientation, etc.)
  • A plan showing the parcel
  • The most recent tax assessments for the occupancy tax and the property tax
  • The last gas and electricity bills
  • The technical survey record, if it’s ready
  • The list of charges if you are in a condominium as well as the minutes from the last meetings.

Try and think of questions a potential buyer might ask you:
the date your property was built, the exact size of the lot, location of property lines, any servitudes, condition of the roof, the boiler, work done, relationship with neighbours, etc.

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