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Property sales

Appel Immo, makes buying direct from the owner a whole lot easier

Appel Immo not only provides you with an easy solution to getting your property advert directly to home owners and buyers, but also provides you with invaluable advice on how to get the best price possible. Whatever kind of property you’re looking for (house, flat..), we’ll tell you how to showcase it to advantage using Home Staging techniques that will help you transform the atmosphere of your house. Knowing how to promote the best features of your property is the first step to a successful sale direct from the owner

Learn to make your property as attractive as possible before the sale with Appel Immo for a fast and profitable property sale

At Appel Immo, we give you the benefit of our expertise to sell your property: make sure your for-sale-by-owner property details provide as much information as possible to inform and reassure your potential buyers, promote your area, highlighting its main attractions, and learn how to showcase your property’s main selling points. Our useful advice could make all the difference during a potential buyer’s visit to your property. Remember that a direct owner sale is often due to the potential buyer “falling in love” with the property.

Preparing to sell
Preparing to sell your property
The seller’s record will inform and reassure the potential buyer…

Sale price and energy performance
Sale price and energy performance
A serious sales pitch…