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> The role of the Notary

The role of the Notary in a property sale

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ChapterBuying property

The role of the Notary

The Notary is a man/woman of right and Law. All real estate transactions require a Notary.

The Notary organises the documents linked to the sale, performs the mandatory procedures, makes sure the buyer has been properly informed regarding the property’s area, the possible presence of asbestos, termites, or lead. He/she guarantees the authenticity of the deed.

Once the sale has been signed, the Notary advertises it and informs the land registry office of the transfer of ownership. He/she keeps a copy of the deed.

The Notary’s professional fees

These are set by decree and vary according to the sale price. They usually total about:

  • 6.5% of the total sale price for older homes
  • 3% for new

The fees are digressive (the higher the sale price, the lower they are).

A portion of the fees corresponds to payment of the Notary, another to disbursements, and the rest is collected by the tax authorities.

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