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> VAT at 5.5%

VAT at reduced rate

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CategoryPractical guidelines
ChapterTax deductions

VAT at reduced rate

The reduced VAT rate is maintained until 31 December 2010.

It applies to a fair amount of work performed by a professional on residences more than 2 years old. The scope is quite large: single-family homes, apartments, dependencies, primary and secondary residences. Whether you are an owner or a renter, whether your residence is occupied or not, you may be eligible for VAT at 5.5%. Be careful, work must not aim to produce a new building.
VAT at 5.5% concerns :

  • raw materials
  • equipment
  • supplies
  • home improvements
  • alterations
  • fit outs
  • maintenance work

provided they are performed and billed by a company.

Remember to provide the company hired to do the work with a dated and signed certificate stating that the residence is more than 2 years old and of the residential type.

Example of certificate:

“I the undersigned (last name, first name, address) certify on my honour that the residential property (address) I (own, rent, occupy for free) was built more than 2 years ago. The work undertaken is not intended to produce a new building.”

Given on (date)


Updated on: 28/01/2008

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VAT at 5.5%

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