Easy to install, solar tiles are an ecological way to produce power

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The photovoltaic solar tile

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ChapterSustainable development

photovoltaic solar tile

Solar energy is used for many things, such as power generation, heating, cooling.

The advantages of solar energy are :

  • the cost, once the equipment has been amortised, the energy produced is free
  • the quantity, unlimited
  • it is autonomous
  • it is ecological; it releases no greenhouse gas

The photovoltaic solar tile has the same coverage and sealing properties as the traditional tile. Depending on the model, it measures the equivalent of 5 to 7 conventional tiles. Easy to install, it integrates the roof perfectly, both for renovations and new constructions.

Solar tiles contain photovoltaic cells linked together, series or parallel connected. A surface area of one cubic meter delivers 100 to 200 W. 20 m2 of tiles can produce enough energy to heat a family of 4.

Tax incentives

You can benefit from a 50% tax credit on the purchase of solar tiles.
Depending on the region, financial assistance exists

Updated on: 31/01/2008

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