Appel Immo has prepared a number of practical fact sheets to help guide you through your for-sale-by-owner property transactions

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Property news

To keep in touch with what’s happening in the property market in France and abroad.

To help you understand the property sector and stay updated on the latest market trends, Appel Immo gives you all the latest news about the main property market trends online. Whether you’re a vendor, a buyer or simply interested in what’s happening in the property market, our team can provide you with an RSS flow selection, key figures, and in-depth analyses.

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Green building, the home of the future

Green building
Propelled by local programmes and tax incentives, green building is gradually gaining ground in France and the rest of the world
More and more people are choosing co-tenancy

As of 12 August 2008, the report on the risk of exposure to lead poisoning (CREP) must be attache...

For the past few years, the price of land, apartments, villas, and Riads has continued to rise.
Fact Sheets

You’re no longer alone in your for-sale-by-owner property project.

Appel Immo has created a series of practical fact sheets to guide you through the process. Every week, we post new information and advice to help you. Navigate through the different sections to find the information you need. Whether you’re looking for financial or legal advice, help with buying or selling direct between private individuals, information about energy, home improvements and practical DIY and domestic safety tips, or news about specialised real estate and ideal home shows…Appel Immo has thought of everything to you’ll need to know in addition to the basic sales transaction process.

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How to associate plants for a thriving organic vegetable garden

Organic gardening
The basics of gardening without pesticides

The earth pipe system

Earth pipe system
Using geothermy to optimise home ventilation